Friday, 14 November 2008

Trouble in the lab

Ok, I'm going foroward with all my strength with this new "show them your good face" thing. Right now I'm meant to be running a gel. I can run gels. I spent a year running gels. I can mix agarose, I can make a loading buffer, I can visualise my gel.

But I'm not psychic.

I don't know where things are without being told. Some things I can guess, but there are a lot of things in our fridge and I can't go through them all, I have oher things to do today too. The visualiser, it could be ANYWHERE. Seriously. I've done gels before, but I don't know this lab. Leaving me with a protocol and a note telling me I'll have to make up some loading buffer won't help me if I don't know where the bits to make the loading buffer are.

So now I'm sat here feeling useless and like a burden on everyone because I'm not psychic when it comes to the locations of lab equiptment.

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